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The 39 Clues Puzzle: 200 Pcs

The Cahills are the most powerful family the world has ever known; thirty-nine clues hidden around the world guard the family’s power and it’s up to you to find them. It’s Cahill vs

Made in the Shade - Blue: 750 Pcs

Made in the Shade puzzles are the newest in puzzle challenges from Bepuzzled. Featuring a collage of all things blue, this one color toned puzzle features an array of items that include five hidden ex

Foul Play and Cabernet Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

As winemakers, Harry Bloom and Ernie Field were brilliant. As partners, they were a disaster. So different in body, mind and soul that it was a miracle they could produce anything, much less the best

Grounds For Murder Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

Classic mysteries with a challenging twist. Read about the mystery brewing at Spill the Beans Coffee Shop: the suspicious meetings over cappuccino, the roundtable of gumshoe regulars and the murder th

What Kittens Are - Inseparable Jigsaw Puzzle: 500 Pcs

These three little kittens are something different! From Sharon Beals’ highly successful book series comes 500-piece puzzles you wish you could hug. This trio of snuggled up siblings manages to

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

A puzzling mystery and mystery puzzle in one! Read the mystery Obsession and assemble this challenging 1,000-piece puzzle to discover the cryptic clues hidden within. This sinister mystery revolves ar

The World of Eric Carle Alphabet Floor Puzzle: 26 Pcs

Explore the ABCs of the animal world with Eric Carle’s beautiful artwork. Great for literacy, this Alphabet Floor Puzzle helps children recognize letters and read by creating an association betw

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Counting Floor Puzzle: 26 Pcs

Explore numbers with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Great for early math skills, this Counting Floor Puzzle helps children learn the numbers 1-20 and encourages children to practice counting. See if you

Murder at Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Party

New Orleans’ most prominent neighborhood has been rocked with the murder of one of its elite members. Pierre DuPre, King of the Krewe, was found strangled by an expensive set of Mardi Gras beads