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Air Hunterz Double Shotz

Double the Pop Shotz punch with two Pop Shotz blasters and 6 target cans! Set up for awesome action on the range! Play with a friend or go double-barrel solo, both barrels blazing. Set ’em up an

Air Hunterz Firetek Bow

Light up the day or night with the Air Hunterz Firetek Bow! The ultimate foam bow & arrow – now with blazing light-up power! Fire up the Zonic Blaze whistle arrows. Hook the arrows in the f

Air Huntress Zano Bow

The Air Huntress Zano Bow is the perfect indoor Archery Set! The Zano Bow shoots arrows over 30 feet that stick to almost any flat surface. Includes wall target for awesome indoor target practice in t

Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow

The Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow is the ultimate foam arrow shooter for high tech archery! Uses safe, soft long range whistling arrows that can soar up to 150 feet! Set includes bow, two Zonic whistle arr

Sky Ripperz Double Pack

Zing Sky Ripperz are the newest innovation in flight technology! Just attach your Launcher to the Launch Hook found on your Sky Ripperz Whistle-Screaming Rocket, pull the tab, release and watch it fly

X6 Zoom Rocketz

Get ready for take off with 6 air-powered rockets that hit heights up to 100 feet! The X6 Zoom Rocketz is a SIX-Shooter Rocket Launcher that allows for adjustable angles, so you can go for height or d

Sky Ripperz Heli-Howler

Sky Ripperz Heli Howlers soar high and copter back to earth! These Super-Sonic, Bungee-Launched Screaming Rockets are amazing! Incredible aerodynamics, plus the Rip Zip Launcher, plus kid power can se

Sky Gliderz

Sky Gliderz are high flying, soft-foam stunt planes that loop and glide over 120 feet! Launch with the the Rip-Zip Launcher to watch Sky Gliderz perform all kinds of tricks at supersonic speeds with w

FireTek Rocket

Light up the day or night with the FireTek Rocket! With a bungee-launched system, the Blast Off Fire-Tek Rocket is the light up rocket with the newest innovation in flight technology with blazing ligh