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Armchair Puzzlers Book - Money Puzzles

Who says sitting down means you’re a slouch? Not us! With Armchair Puzzlers, you can give your feet a rest and put your mind to work. Filled with amusing mathematical problems and surprising sol

Armchair Puzzlers Book - Overstuffed Baffling Puzzlers

Four baffling Armchair Puzzler books have been combined into one Overstuffed collection! Kick back and dive into the puzzles contained in Brainteasers, Symbol Simon, Secret Identities, and Optical Tea

Ball Busters Book - Baseball

Whether you’re a serious fanatic or casual fan, Ball Busters Baseball will challenge and amuse you. Now you can stretch your knowledge of America’s favorite past-time between seasons, inni

Ball Busters Book - Basketball

Whether you’re a serious hoops fan or just a playoff Johnny Come Lately, Ball Busters Basketball will challenge and amuse you. Now you can get a jump on your roundball knowledge between games, q

The Sudoku Book

This book provides an excellent introduction to Sudoku, complete with background, history, and helpful tips. 101 Sudoku puzzles usually involve a 3 x 3 grid of nine 3 x 3 boxes. Some numbers are fille

Armchair Puzzlers Book - Crosswords

Are you crazy for crosswords? Do you subscribe to the paper just to get yourself thinking about five-letter words for passageway? Then this just may be the best book you pick up this year. Inside you&

Armchair Puzzlers Book - Crossword Searches

Who says sitting down means you’re a slouch? Not us! Crossword Searches combines two classic favorites into one. Just solve the clever crossword-like clues to reveal the mystery phrases, and the

Brain Quest - Basic Shapes

Imaginative Art at your Fingertips! Kids use their imagination and creativity to design delightful scenes and stories with brilliantly-colored Colorforms pieces that Stick like Magic! Make an animal o

Rainbow Ribbon - Small

Rainbow Ribbons are one of Australia’s top-selling toys! Why? The swirls of color and the movement of the flowing ribbon capture the imagination of boys and girls, both young and old. It’s